School Board

Sacred Heart has an advisory School Board guided by a constitution and by-laws approved by the Bishop of Toowoomba. The Board operates on a shared wisdom model to provide feedback and insights to support direction and decision making in policy development, building maintenance, budgeting, communication and human resources.

Membership of the School Board is open to those with an interest in Catholic education and with personal and professional attributes that support the operation of the board in fulfilling its role. Membership comprises ex-officio members such as a spiritual leader, the principal, and others invited from community. These include parents, staff and a parish pastoral council (PPC) member.

Our current Board members

  • Angela Hargens (Parent - Chair)
  • Kelly Barron (Parent)
  • Chanell Donnolley (Parent)
  • Zoe Strugnell (Parent)
  • Liz Lucht (Parent)
  • Wendy Harding (Parent)
  • Fr Roque Maguinsay (PPC)
  • Alice Lucas (Teacher Representative)
  • Tyronne Maher (Principal)