Religious life of the school

‘A great school, that helps guide students on their individual spiritual journey. Religion isn’t forced on students, but is used to guide and grow them, and the religion Curriculum is great at modernising Jesus.’ (Parent)


Sacred Heart Primary School is a Catholic school built on the Mercy tradition. ‘Catholic’ is a Latin word meaning ‘all are welcome’; this is true of our Sacred Heart community, catering for families from all walks of life. Like Sister Catherine McAuley, we value integrity, compassion, hospitality and excellence (see our school’s ‘Vision and Mission’).

Our school motto of ‘Walking every day with Jesus’, means that we try to be like him for one another to make our school and community a better place for everyone.

Through engaging Religious Education lessons and school wide routines, we aim to

  • deliver a Religious Education Curriculum that is relevant and engaging for students
  • make our Mercy values real and visible in our environment and in our actions
  • foster outreaching relationships with those in need.

We believe our Catholic identity drives ‘how we do things’ and how we treat one another at our school.