PrepPrep - my child's first year at school

Your child’s first year of Prep is a little like building a house. All houses must start with a solid foundation.

Each year of Prep starts with much work by our teachers and families in the year before. This includes the following.

Prep enrolment meetings – following the family’s completion of the enrolment application, Prep teachers and the Principal meet with each child and their families. The purpose of these meetings is to gather as much information as possible about each child in preparation for the year ahead and to provide feedback to the family on how their child is tracking towards readiness for Prep.

Transition afternoons - Our Prep students begin with afternoon transition sessions before engaging in a morning of in-class activities towards the end of the year. These experiences serve to build excitement for the year ahead and to reduce anxieties about coming to ‘big school’. These transition experiences also give families opportunities to ask more questions.