Student wellbeing

‘PB4L provides consistency which means we are all on the same path and our expectations of the children are the same.’ (Teacher)

Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L)

Core to good learning are good learning choices through the knowledge of what it means to be an effective learner. Praise of success and good choices is key to student wellbeing.

At Sacred Heart we encourage and reward good learning choices through in class reward systems and whole-of- school supports such as our ‘Gotcha’ tickets and ‘Hearts Shop’. We know that identifying with and for students, what good choices are means that we will see more of these behaviours meaning more learning conversations in classes over management ones.

See our school’s Student behaviour support plan for more information on how we support our learners and their families.

The walking with Jesus positive behaviours for learning is good. Most students try very hard to get ‘Gotchas’ and ‘Hearts’. It has really improved how we treat each other and how we behave in class.’ (Student)

‘PB4L is a very positive thing for Sacred Heart and the students are responding well.’ (Parent)