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15th March
National Day against Bullying
Wear Orange - no donation required

17th March
St Patrick's Day
Wear Green for a gold coin donation

23rd March

School Cross Country

31st March
Easter Pageant

1st April

Last day of Term 1


Website Issues

Welcome to our website......

Sacred Heart School offers tuition in Prep to Year 6 within a caring, supportive, community-oriented environment. Our classrooms are equipped with the latest technology. Outdoor activities are catered for with large grassed playing areas, cement areas marked for games, fully shaded sandpits, and several colourful playgrounds covered by shade cloth and supported by soft fall.  Our multi-purpose hall incorporates full sized basketball, netball and tennis facilities. The school grounds (4.7 hectares) also include an outdoors Multi-Purpose Court for tennis, basketball, netball and volleyball; an oval for football and cricket; and two cricket nets (synthetic turf).

As per our Mission Statement, the education offered at Sacred Heart aims to develop the knowledge, beliefs and practices of the Catholic faith; reflecting at all times on our vision to “Journey everyday with Jesus in our hearts”.

We endeavour to facilitate each child’s journey towards their potential through quality learning and teaching practices. The common goal shared between school and home is to support each child’s development:
~ Spiritually
~ Physically
~ Intellectually
~ Socially
~ Emotionally
~ Morally

We invite parents who are considering sending their child/children to Sacred Heart to visit the school, to view the facilities and speak with staff regarding any queries you may have.


Community News

This year, as part of our Annual Action Plan, we are continuing our journey towards becoming a ‘Lighthouse School’ for schools everywhere in ‘Inspire Maths’. Inspire Maths is a strategy supported by the Toowoomba Catholic Schools Office that will ensure that our learners have an in-depth knowledge and love of mathematics. A large part of the work we are doing is developing the mindsets of your children towards helping them understand that ‘smart’ is not something you are, it’s something you become.

Carol Dweck’s research into ‘Growth Mindsets’ reveals how the use of language when encouraging children can have a large impact on their attitudes to learning. When we praise intelligence and ability, we are assuming a giftedness through natural talent, taking away from our children the idea that with effort, we can push through struggles and achieve at high levels.

‘High performing’ students with fixed mindsets do well in the early years of schooling, only to struggle and avoid work as it gets harder. These students avoid taking risks and stop asking questions in class for fear of being discovered to be not the ‘smart person’ their parents and teachers have told them they are. They will stay with what is easy and perhaps make excuses for not achieving. They lack resilience when faced with challenges.

So how can a parent develop a growth mindset in children? Here are two simple ideas to get started:

  1. Praise effort, strategy and action - not results - This type of encouragement, helps children develop the belief that success has more to do with what they do, rather than born gifts or talents.
  2. Give honest feedback- Honest feedback about their performance not only helps them improve, but also promotes a growth mindset. Sometimes we avoid giving feedback to protect a child’s self-esteem. However, by being sensitive to how we provide feedback, ensures that our children are not negatively affected. For example, focusing on two or three things your child did well before giving constructive feedback; that is, feedback that will help them improve.

Applications are now open for Prep 2022. If you have a child ready for Prep next year, please call into the office for an enrolment pack, or visit the Enrolments section of this website to access the enrolment form. Interviews for 2022 placements will be happening soon!

This year, the Sacred Heart Parish is once again offering a Sacramental Program to families of the school and the local community. We had a great information session at the school last night but don’t worry, if you couldn’t make it and are still interested in participating, you can join the group this Sunday afternoon (21st February) at 3.30pm at the church.

As previously mentioned, the ‘Outside of School Hours’ contract will change over in term 2 of this year. We thank ‘Hall Thorpe’ and their staff for their outstanding service to our community for over a decade and look forward to working with them for the remainder of this term. From term 2, ‘Toowoomba Catholic Kindergartens and Care’ will be catering for the needs of our families regarding before and after school care in the same way that Hall Thorpe will continue to do on other sites in the Toowoomba region.

Those of our families interested in registering their child should do so now by going to the TCKC website. There is also a fee schedule and direct debit forms provided on the website. Please go to the website: click on the Outside School Hours Care tab; click on the Sacred Heart OSHC tab; and then; Click on the Enrolment form tab.

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